Best answer: How do you use spine in a sentence?

Which is an example of spine?

Spine: 1) The column of bone known as the vertebral column, which surrounds and protects the spinal cord. The spine can be categorized according to level of the body: i.e., cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (upper and middle back), and lumbar spine (lower back). See also vertebral column.

How do you use spinal cord in a sentence?

Spinal-cord sentence example

  1. All potassium salts if taken in large doses are cardiac depressants, they also depress the nervous system, especially the brain and spinal cord . …
  2. It excites the motor areas of the spinal cord and increases their reflex irritability.

What does spine mean in writing?

The spine in a human’s body is what holds the body’s framework together. In a screenplay, the spine holds the script together. Without a strong spine, the body and the screenplay collapse. A crumbling screenplay results in a script that will be rejected by film industry folks.

What is another way to say spine?

What is another word for spine?

backbone vertebrae
back chine
rachis spinal column
dorsum vertebral column
bone ridge

What part of the spine controls the heart?

Thoracic (mid back) – the main function of the thoracic spine is to hold the rib cage and protect the heart and lungs. The twelve thoracic vertebrae are numbered T1 to T12.

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What is a spine in anatomy?

Your spine is a complex structure of small bones (vertebrae), cushioning disks, nerves, joints, ligaments and muscles. This part of your anatomy is susceptible to injury, arthritis, herniated disks, pinched nerves and other problems.

What do you mean by nerves?

Nerve: A bundle of fibers that uses electrical and chemical signals to transmit sensory and motor information from one body part to another. The fibrous portions of a nerve are covered by a sheath called myelin and/or a membrane called neurilemma.

What does it mean to have spine?

“Spine” is a euphemism for courage. If you did not have a spine, you could not stand up (you would be a coward). If someone says, “You lack a spine” or “grow a spine!”, they mean that you are acting cowardly.

What is the scientific way of saying spine?

Spine (vertebral column), also known as the backbone. Dendritic spine, a small membranous protrusion from a neuron’s dendrite.

What does Barb mean?

countable noun. A barb is an unkind remark meant as a criticism of someone or something. The barb stung her exactly the way he hoped it would. Synonyms: dig, abuse, slight, insult More Synonyms of barb.

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