Do you wear a brace after hip labrum surgery?

A hip positioner brace has been provided for your use while sleeping. Please wear it at night while you sleep for the first week after your surgery. This will keep your feet straight and not allow your legs to turn out.

Do you have to wear a brace after hip labral tear surgery?

The average postoperative course involves 2 weeks in a hip brace and 2 weeks on crutches to protect the work done on the hip. A brace may be required for 6 weeks, and crutches may be required for up to 8 weeks if the hip’s condition requires a more extensive surgery.

How long do you have to wear a brace after hip surgery?

Most often a brace is worn between two and four weeks for surgery recoveries and a few weeks to a month or two for hip dislocations. Wear the brace while you are up and about and definitely when using crutches. You will likely need to use a brace for two to four weeks after a surgery.

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What should I wear after hip labrum surgery?

Since mobility is limited post-surgery, patients should prepare ahead of time by finding some slip-on shoes and loose fitting pants. Slip-on shoes are important because patients are not able to bend forward post-surgery, while loose fitting pants will help patients stay comfortable while their surgical hip is swollen.

How soon can you walk after hip labrum surgery?

Hip arthroscopy patients can expect to walk using crutches for 1-2 weeks afterward, and to undergo six weeks of physical therapy. It may be 3-6 months before they experience no pain after physical activity. Below is some guidance on ways to expedite the recovery and healing process.

Can I sit after hip arthroscopy?

You may also sit and use your arms and non‐surgical leg to move up and down stairs. Once you no longer need crutches, you need to be careful about going up and down stairs.

What can you not do after hip labrum surgery?

Avoid putting too much weight on your leg and lifting the leg up. Your surgeon recommends avoiding active hip flexion (lifting your leg up at the hip) until 2-3 weeks after your surgery. This precaution is to prevent excessive hip flexor tendonitis after your surgery.

How do you sit after hip labrum surgery?

Alternate sitting, reclining, and lying down approximately every 30 minutes. Feel free to move around your home as much as you can tolerate, as you do not want the hip to get stiff following surgery. Spend 2-‐3 hours per day on your stomach (you can take the brace off for this).

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How long after hip arthroscopy can I drive?

Patients may return to driving two weeks postoperatively after right hip arthroscopy procedures. may return to driving two weeks postoperatively after right hip arthroscopy procedures.

How do you poop after hip surgery?

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids — lots of water — and eating foods with fiber, like vegetables and beans. Feel free to use a stool softener, too. Any over-the-counter product will do. Also, remember that there’s no set rule for how many bowel movements you should be having.

Is hip labral tear surgery worth it?

It is clear that not every individual who has a hip labral tear needs arthroscopic hip surgery. In fact, nonsurgical treatment in many cases may be just as effective, and sometimes even more effective, than surgical intervention. 7 Working to define which patients are most likely to benefit is an ongoing process.

How successful is hip labral tear surgery?

The success rate for labral tear hip surgery is high in most cases, however, depending on a variety of factors and the cause of the labral injury, a repeat procedure may be necessary after the primary surgery. One study found that 17% of patients required a second surgery.

How long does it take to recover from hip labral surgery?

Hip Labral Tear Recovery Time

However, most patients should expect to use crutches for the first two weeks following hip labrum surgery. For some patients, it may take up to six months to make a full hip labrum surgery recovery.

How long is the recovery from hip labrum surgery?

In most cases, you should be able to walk relatively free of pain about six to eight weeks following surgery. However, it could take three to six months or more to get back to an elite level of fitness.

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How long after labrum surgery can I drive?

With no repair, you will be able to drive in 1‡2 weeks. With a repair, you can expect to return to driving from 2‡6 weeks following your surgery. This will depend on the extent of the repair and the frequency and distance you need to drive, as well as your confidence level.

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