What is loaded flexion of the spine?

Too much spinal flexion, or spinal flexion that is loaded—either because you’re carrying something with a substantial amount of weight, or you’re twisting your spine as you bend—may negatively affect your intervertebral discs. It may even cause a herniated disc injury.

Is loaded spinal flexion bad?

One can also take a much more extreme view and suggest that spinal flexion is no more of an injury risk under ANY condition. Spinal flexion might be a complete red herring and that the factors leading to pain/injury will exist regardless of the posture of the spine.

What does spine flexion mean?

Flexion is the anatomical name for forward bending. When treating back pain, many spine specialists encourage exercises to strengthen the muscles that act to bring the spine into flexion. In the lower back, approximately 50% of flexion occurs at the hips, and 50% occurs at the lower spine.

What are spinal flexion exercises?

How to Perform the Exercises

  • Lie on your back.
  • Bend both knees up and put your feet flat on the ground.
  • Slowly bring both knees up towards your chest and grab your knees with your hands. …
  • Gently pull your knees up close to your chest. …
  • Slowly allow your knees to lower back down to the starting position.
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Why is lumbar flexion bad?

A fully flexed spine is associated with myoelectric silence in the back extensors, strained posterior passive tissues, and high shear forces on the lumbar spine. Many low back injuries can be prevented by simply avoiding training the spine through its range of motion and avoiding full lumbar flexion.

What do you need lumbar flexion for?

Standing lumbar flexion can be repeated for 10 repetitions several times per day. It can be used to help decrease your symptoms of low back or leg pain, or it can be used to stretch tight hamstrings and back muscles.

What is flexion syndrome?

A lumbar flexion syndrome is a problem from forward bend stress of the lower back. Usually it is a result of low back forward bending many times and/or for a long time.

What is an example of flexion?

Flexion – bending a joint. This occurs when the angle of a joint decreases. For example, the elbow flexes when performing a biceps curl. The knee flexes in preparation for kicking a ball.

How do you do spinal flexion?

o Lie on your back with your hands at your side and your knees bent. o Use your abdominal muscles to raise your upper back off the floor, while exhaling. o Raise your upper body off the floor with one shoulder slightly higher than the other. o Do not thrust yourself off the floor or lift your head with your arms. o …

Should you flex your spine?

Spinal Flexion and Spinal Stenosis

Generally, getting your spine into a flexed position helps relieves the pain and cramping associated with neurogenic claudication. It’s always wise to consult with your doctor and physical therapist for the best positions and exercises given your individual condition.

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What muscles flex the lumbar?

Spinal Muscles: A Comprehensive Guide

Psoas Major Flexes thigh at hip joint & vertebral column
Intertransversarii Lateralis Lateral flexion of vertebral column
Quadratus Lumborum Lateral flexion of vertebral column
Interspinales Extends vertebral column
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