Best answer: Why is neutral spine important?

It is very important to work in neutral spine position because: the natural curves help cushion and protect the spine. it is the optimal way to attain balance and proportion. it places the least amount of stress on the body’s tissues.

What is the purpose of keeping a neutral spine?

When we maintain our ideal posture via neutral spine, our body is properly aligned, therefore requiring less energy to remain that way. So beneficial is this optimal alignment that it applies minimal stress on body tissue, improves balance and stability, supports optimal breathing, and promotes healthy circulation.

Why is neutral alignment of the cervical spine considered important?

The Neutral Cervical Spine

A cervical spine that is positioned and maintained in neutral alignment should preserve the space within the spinal canal that normally surrounds the spinal cord. Deviations from neutral alignment can decrease the diameter of the spinal canal and the space available for the spinal cord.

How do I make my spine neutral?

Strong core muscles can help keep your spine naturally aligned, without you having to do much. To achieve a neutral spine, stand with your back against a wall. While keeping your head, upper back, and tailbone against the wall, you should be able to fit your hand between the wall and your lower back.

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How do I keep my spine neutral while sleeping?

The best sleep position to keep your spine neutral is on the back. When you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees and a little roll underneath the small of your neck. The pillows will help you maintain the natural curves of the spine.

How do you describe neutral spine?

‘ Neutral spine refers to the position of your spine where all three curves are in proper alignment and there is the least amount of stress placed upon the structures. Not only is there the least amount of stress on the spine, the neutral spine position is also the strongest position.

How do you maintain a neutral neck and spine?

Positioning your hips and knees at 90 degrees can help you keep a neutral sitting posture. This position is balanced between the extremes of lumbar movement. Remember to choose a properly designed chair to help support your lumbar spine. The neutral spine position is also important when getting up from a chair.

Do all Pilates exercises use neutral spine?

This is because it is easier to activate the oblique muscles in this position, and the lower back is more supported. A neutral spine is used in all other exercises.

What muscle maintains a neutral spine position?

As well as breathing properly, a neutral spine allows the deep muscles of the ‘core’ to stabilise our spine properly, helping to maintain a better posture. The abdominals and the deep muscles of the back along with the pelvic floor and diaphragm are in the best position possible to support the spine and pelvis.

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