Frequent question: What connects the two halves of the spinal cord?

The white matter is grouped into discrete sectors called funiculi. The gray matter contains cell bodies, unmyelinated motor-neuron fibres, and interneurons connecting the two sides of the cord.

What joins the two halves of the spinal cord?

The two hemispheres are connected by a thick band of neural fibers known as the corpus callosum, consisting of about 200 million axons.

What connects two halves of the brain?

The cerebrum is divided into two halves: the right and left hemispheres (Fig. 2) They are joined by a bundle of fibers called the corpus callosum that transmits messages from one side to the other.

What connects spinal cord?

Spinal nerves connect the brain with the nerves in most parts of the body. Other nerves go directly from the brain to the eyes, ears, and other parts of the head. This network of nerves carries messages back and forth between the brain and the rest of the body.

What connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord?

The brain stem sits beneath the cerebrum and in front of the cerebellum. It connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord, which runs down your neck and back. The brain stem is in charge of all the functions your body needs to stay alive, like breathing air, digesting food, and circulating blood.

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Why are there two hemispheres in the brain?

Scientists have long known that the differnt halves of human brains perform different functions. … In other words, if one part of the brain is taking care of one specific function such as language and speech, then another part remains free to take care of something else, such as facial recognition.

Which part of the brain is the most dominant?

One hemisphere is referred to as the dominant hemisphere, and it is most associated with language and with logical skills. 2 The areas of the brain that control speech and mathematical abilities are located in the dominant hemisphere.

What is the structure of spinal cord?

Spinal cord and nerves: The spinal cord is a column of nerves that travels through the spinal canal. The cord extends from the skull to the lower back. Thirty-one pairs of nerves branch out through vertebral openings (the neural foramen). These nerves carry messages between the brain and muscles.

What continues downward as the spinal cord?

“Columns” of white matter carry information either up or down the spinal cord. The spinal cord proper terminates in a region called the conus medullaris, while the pia mater continues as an extension called the filum terminale, which anchors the spinal cord to the coccyx.

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