How do you get a Sekiro prosthetic arm?

How do you get Sekiro prosthetics?

Sekiro Loaded Umbrella Prosthetic Tool location

Location: Ashina Castle. Head to the Old Grave Idol, and you will find a house with a broken rooftop. Drop in to find Blackhat Badger. Here, you will be able to purchase the Iron Fortress for 1600 sen, take it to the Sculptor and he’ll fit it as the Loaded Umbrella.

How do you beat Snake Eyes in Shirafuji?

Run onto the bridge until you see Snake Eyes Shirafuji’s health bar disappear on the top left. This means that he’s looking for you. Run back to the same wall-hug area, and sneak. Press the right thumbstick while crouching to select him, and jump up to deliver an Aerial Deathblow to knock off one health bar.

Where is Gyoubu’s broken horn?


  1. Found in a chest in the Ashina Reservoir inside the house underneath which, in the prologue, Wolf could eavesdrop on two Ashina Soldiers talking about Kuro and Genichiro. The Gatehouse Key is required to unlock the door.
  2. Available for 2800.

How do you do Mikiri counters?

If you feel like it, follow the Counter with a quick attack like we did above. And that’s the only thing you have to do. Block his attacks and wait for a chance to Mikiri Counter. With a little practice, you’ll be able to Counter his attacks reliably.

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What should I give my divine heir?

Immortal Severance (Divine Dragon’s Tears only), in which you stay loyal to the Divine Heir and find the item he asks for. Purification (Divine Dragon’s Tears + Everblossom), in which you stay loyal of the Divine Heir, find the item he asks for, and follow Emma’s wishes to find an additional item.

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