Is it OK to bike with patellar tendonitis?

Sports that aggravate patellar tendinitis and chondromalacia patella: volleyball, basketball, soccer, distance running, racquetball, squash, football, weightlifting (squats). Sports that may or may not cause symptoms: cycling (it is best to keep the seat high and avoid hills), baseball, hockey, skiing and tennis.

Does biking make patellar tendonitis worse?

Patellar tendonitis is caused by inflammation of the tendon that supports the kneecap. Increasing your mileage too quickly and poor bike fit are your two most likely causes. An anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen and ice should be used to help reduce the inflammation.

Can I ride a bike with knee tendonitis?

If you are unable to perform any cycling without pain then you must take a short period of total rest from the bike until acute symptoms settle. The ideal setting to re-introduce cycling is either with your bike on a home trainer or on a wattbike (or other gym bike) that you know to be set up correctly for you.

Is biking bad for tendonitis?

Cycling Injury: Achilles Tendonitis

This is an inflammation of the tendon, usually caused by overuse or the high intensity of cycling. Cyclists will feel pain and stiffness over the tendon which may increase with strenuous activity. Tip: Take a break from training for a few days to let the inflammation calm down.

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Can I exercise with patellar tendonitis?

Strengthening and stretching your lower body muscle groups will help in the recovery of patellar tendinopathy. Ways to do that include eccentric exercise programs, weight management, cross-training, and other aerobics or cardio training. These exercises are meant to be slow and deliberate, so don’t rush.

Can you fully recover from patellar tendonitis?

Patellar Tendonitis is usually curable within 6 weeks if treated appropriately with conservative treatment and resting of the affected area.

What cardio can I do with patellar tendonitis?

Best Cardio Workouts for Knee Pain Sufferers

  • Walking. Since running or jogging may not be the best option, walking (including speed walking) is a good low-impact cardio workout if you keep a brisk pace. …
  • Swimming/Pool Exercises. …
  • Elliptical Machine and Bicycle. …
  • Low-Resistance Circuit Training. …
  • Other Exercises.

Is cycling good for Achilles tendonitis?

Stay physically active, though. It is a good idea to switch from high-impact activities like running to something like swimming, cycling, or walking short distances. This will assist in the treatment of your Achilles tendon and reduce pain in the heel and calf muscles.

Can I workout with Achilles tendonitis?

It’s usually OK to do non-weight bearing exercises such as swimming, biking, and stretching activities like yoga. If someone with Achilles tendonitis does not rest, the tendon can become more damaged. Your health care provider also may recommend: stretching the Achilles for 30 seconds at a time 3–4 times a day.

What is the fastest way to heal patellar tendonitis?


  1. Stretching exercises. Regular, steady stretching exercises can reduce muscle spasm and help lengthen the muscle-tendon unit. …
  2. Strengthening exercises. Weak thigh muscles contribute to the strain on your patellar tendon. …
  3. Patellar tendon strap. …
  4. Iontophoresis.
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How do you rehab a patellar tendon?

Lift the lower part of your affected leg until your leg is straight. Keep the back of your knee on the foam roll or towel. Hold your leg straight for about 6 seconds, then slowly bend your knee and lower your heel back to the floor. Rest for up to 10 seconds between repetitions.

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