Quick Answer: Does the spinal cord go through the transverse foramen?

The second (foraminal) part runs upward through the transverse foramina of the C6 to C2 vertebrae, and is surrounded by branches from the inferior cervical sympathetic ganglion and by a plexus of veins which unite to form the vertebral vein at the lower part of the neck.

What foramen does the spinal cord go through?

The spinal cord is located immediately below the brain stem. It extends through the foramen magnum, a hole at the base of the skull.

What vessels go through transverse foramen?

The vertebral arteries arise from the subclavian arteries, one on each side of the body, then enter deep to the transverse process at the level of the 6th cervical vertebrae (C6), or occasionally (in 7.5% of cases) at the level of C7. They then proceed superiorly, in the transverse foramen of each cervical vertebra.

What part of your spine controls your legs?

The nerves of the cervical spine go to the upper chest and arms. The nerves in your thoracic spine go to your chest and abdomen. The nerves of the lumbar spine then reach to your legs, bowel, and bladder. These nerves coordinate and control all the body’s organs and parts, and let you control your muscles.

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What is a transverse foramen and what is its function?

The transverse foramen (foramen transversarium) of cervical vertebrae is an opening that is occupied by the vertebral artery and vein in the first six vertebrae and only the vertebral vein in the seventh. The vertebral artery is of particular importance because it serves the brain and spinal cord.

Do all cervical vertebrae have transverse foramen?

The most notable distinction is the presence of one foramen, in each transverse process. These transverse foramina encircle the vertebral arteries and veins. This is true of all cervical vertebrae except C7, whose transverse foramina contain only accessory veins.

What has articular facets for the ribs on their bodies and transverse processes?

Thoracic vertebrae make up the middle portion of the spinal column and can be distinguished by their facets for articulation with the ribs, one on each side of the vertebral body, and one on each transverse process.

What is the purpose of transverse foramina in cervical spine vertebrae?

In contrast to other parts of the spine, the cervical spine has transverse foramina in each vertebra through which the vertebral arteries supply blood to the brain.

Do thoracic vertebrae have transverse foramen?

The presence of foramina in the transverse processes of thoracic vertebrae is not a common feature while they are the characteristic feature of cervical vertebrae. … Thoracic vertebrae typically bear facets on the body and the transverse processes for articulation with ribs.

How many spinal cords are in the human body?

The cord is segmentally organized. There are 31 segments, defined by 31 pairs of nerves exiting the cord. These nerves are divided into 8 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, and 1 coccygeal nerve (Figure 3.2).

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What is the function of vertebral foramina?

The intervertebral foramen serves as the doorway between the spinal canal and periphery. It lies between the pedicles of neighboring vertebrae at all levels in the spine.

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