What is the CPT code for flexor hallucis longus tendon transfer?

If you actually only performed a digital flexor tendon transfer, you would bill the procedure as CPT 28899, unlisted foot or toe procedure. If you perform it with other component procedures to correct a hammertoe, you would bill CPT 28285.

What is a flexor tendon transfer?

Girdlestone-Taylor flexor-to-extensor tendon transfer consists of splitting the FDL tendon in half after detaching it from the plantar base of the distal phalanx via a percutaneous stab incision. A second transverse incision is made plantarly at the MTP joint, through which the detached flexor tendon is harvested.

What is the CPT code for flexor tendon repair?

Clinical Coder: Tendon Surgery

Tendon repairs of the hand or finger are classified to code range 26350–26504 in the CPT manual.

How do you code a peroneal tendon repair?

Coding For Ruptered Peroneal Tendon

peroneal tendon. 27658; for secondary repair, report CPT 27659. language “includes obtaining graft”.

What is the CPT code for peroneal tendon debridement?

Some thickening of the peroneal tendon sheath was excised. All unhealthy portions of tendon sharply debrided with a 15-blade. CPT 28200 is for repair of tendon.

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How do you fix a flexor tendon?

Surgery will be required in order to repair the damaged tendon. A small incision is made to locate the ends of the tendon and they are then stitched back together. Flexor tendons are often difficult to get to and are located near important nerves so repair will generally occur under a general anaesthetic.

How long does flexor tendon surgery take?

A simple flexor tendon repair takes 45 to 60 minutes, but complex surgery for more severe injuries could take much longer. Read more about recovering from hand tendon repair and the complications of hand tendon repair.

What is the FCR tendon?

Abstract. The flexor carpi radialis (FCR) is one of the long flexors, which is important in flexing and abducting the hand at the wrist. It originates at the medial epicondyle of the humerus and attaches at the base of the second metacarpal.

What is the CPT code for posterior tibial tendon repair?

Response: I would suggest CPT 28300-59 for the calcaneal osteotomy, and CPT 28200-59 for the repair of the posterior tibial tendon. The tendon transfer would be billed as CPT 27691-LT (transfer or transplant of single tendon [with muscle redirection or rerouting]; deep).

Can CPT code 28285 and 28270 be billed together?

For a capsulotomy on the interphalangeal joint (CPT code 28272), it’s included in the hammertoe repair CPT code 28285 because it’s on the same toe. Metatarsophalangeal joint capsulotomy for joint contracture (CPT code 28270) is not included in the hammertoe code because it’s performed on a different joint.

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What is the difference between CPT code 28730 and 28740?

For example, CPT 28740 is for fusion of a single midtarsal or tarsometatarsal joint. There is also CPT 28730 for fusion of multiple (or transverse) midtarsal or tarsometatarsal joints.

What is the CPT code for peroneus longus Tenosynovectomy?

Dr. billed 27665 for the peroneus brevis repair and 27680×2 for the peroneus brevis and longus tenosynovectomies.

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