What is the name of the shallow groove on the posterior surface of the spinal cord?

On the dorsal surface of the spinal cord, there is a shallow groove named the dorsal (or posterior) median sulcus. The dorsal septum, composed of pial tissue, extends from the base of this sulcus almost to the commissural gray matter.

What is a shallow groove on the spinal cord called?

Sulcus – shallow groove. Fissure – deep groove. What separates: Frontal lobe-Parietal lobe. Frontal lobe-Temporal lobe.

What is a shallow longitudinal groove on the posterior surface of a spinal cord structure?

Posterior median sulcus – shallow longitudinal groove on the dorsal surface.

What are the grooves of the spinal cord?

The spinal cord is elliptical in cross section, being compressed dorsolaterally. Two prominent grooves, or sulci, run along its length. The posterior median sulcus is the groove in the dorsal side, and the anterior median fissure is the groove in the ventral side.

What is the midline groove on anterior surface of the spinal cord?

The anterior median fissure provides a groove in which the anterior spinal artery sits. From here, it provides the anterior part of the spinal cord. It is sourced from the segmental medullary arteries and the segmental spinal arteries which are sourced from the intercostal arteries.

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What would happen if the posterior root of a spinal nerve were completely transected?

If the root is damaged or transected, the brain will no longer receive sensory messages from that nerve, which means that the patient will have loss of sensation in that area.

What is a spinal segment?

A spinal segment is defined by dorsal roots entering and ventral roots exiting the cord, (i.e., a spinal cord section that gives rise to one spinal nerve is considered as a segment.)

How many pairs of spinal nerves do humans have?

In total, there are 31 pairs of spinal nerves, grouped regionally by spinal region. More specifically, there are eight cervical nerve pairs (C1-C8), twelve thoracic nerve pairs (T1-T12), five lumbar nerve pairs (L1-L5), and a single coccygeal nerve pair.

How can you distinguish between the dorsal and ventral horns?

The dorsal horns are the thinner projections of dark matter that jut out from the rest towards the dorsal/back side of the spinal cord. The ventral horns are the wider projections of dark matter towards the ventral/front side of the spinal cord.

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