Who owns rothman orthopedics?

Jefferson Health acquires majority ownership in Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital: 5 things to know. Jefferson Health in Philadelphia purchased majority ownership in Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital in Bensalem, Pa., for an undisclosed sum, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Does Jefferson own Rothman?

In an effort to increase access to high quality care to patients in the most cost-effective, clinically appropriate setting, Jefferson Health acquired a controlling interest in Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital (ROSH) in Bensalem, Pa.

Who was Rothman?

Richard Rothman was a peerless visionary in orthopaedics who never deviated from his core principle of patient-centered care. He founded the Institute that bears his name in 1970 with only four employees in one office.

Where does Rothman do surgery?

Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital is a multiple-specialty surgical hospital located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Our facility is the first surgical specialty hospital in partnership with the highly respected Rothman Institute.

Does Rothman Institute take Medicare?

Rothman Institute Now Available to 8,800 Area Humana Medicare Advantage Members.

Who owns Jefferson Hospital?

Jefferson Health System

Are Rothmans good cigarettes?

Rothmans are a pleasant, smooth smoke. Rothmans certainly aren’t going begging for a few dollars, so SOMEBODY out there are buying them – and it’s not just me. A pleasant taste (and pleasing aftertaste), and the fact that you rarely see them in most places that sell tobacco products, mean they’re hard to obtain.

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What is an orthopedist Doctor?

Orthopedic surgeons are doctors who specialize in the musculoskeletal system – the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are so essential to movement and everyday life.

How many employees does Rothman Institute have?

1,200 staff

Does Rothman Institute accept Horizon NJ Health?

Doctor accepting Horizon NJ Health in NJ & PA with affiliated ROTHMAN INSTITUTE OF NEW JERSEY PA – Find Horizon NJ Health Doctors – Horizon NJ Health.

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