You asked: What is the medical term for pertaining to the spine?

[spi´nal] 1. pertaining to a spine.

What is the medical term for pertaining to?

Suffixes Meaning “Pertaining To” Some suffixes complete the term by changing the word into an adjective (a word that describes a noun). Cardiac means pertaining to the heart (cardi means heart and ac means pertaining to). -ac -al -ar -ary -eal -ical.

What means pertaining to the back?

The medical term dorsal means: pertaining to the back.

Which suffix means pain or suffering?

You have -algia, meaning “pain and suffering.” Arthralgia would refer to the pain and suffering of joints.

What are the divisions of the back?

As mentioned above, our vertebrae are numbered and divided into five regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx.

What word means toward the backbone?

Word meaning: toward the backbone. Dorsal.

What is Caudad?

Medical Definition of caudad

: toward the tail or posterior end.

Which suffix means to rupture?

The suffix -rrhexis means ‘rupture.

What is the suffix of pain?

For example, the word element -algia means “pain” or “ache”, which can be combined with other word elements referring to parts of the body.

What does in mean in medical terms?

Prefix denoting not or in, into, within.

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What causes Malacia?

Primary bronchomalacia is due to a deficiency in the cartilaginous rings. Secondary bronchomalacia may occur by extrinsic compression from an enlarged vessel, a vascular ring or a bronchogenic cyst. Though uncommon, idiopathic (of unknown cause) tracheobronchomalacia has been described in older adults.

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