At what level is the anterior superior iliac spine?

The line joining the superior aspect of the iliac crests posteriorly (the intercristal line) is commonly stated to cross the midline at the L4 or L4–5 spinal level on imaging.

Where is the anterior superior iliac spine located?

The anterior superior iliac spine is an important bony surface landmark and is the prominence is the most anterior part of the ilium. It can be palpated at the lateral end of the inguinal fold.

How do I know if I have L4 or L5?

Wearing nonsterile gloves, locate the L3-L4 interspace by palpating the right and left posterior superior iliac crests and moving the fingers medially toward the spine (see the image below). Palpate that interspace (L3-L4), the interspace above (L2-L3), and the interspace below (L4-L5) to find the widest space.

What does ASIS and PSIS stand for?

The anatomical landmarks that are commonly located and contacted to perform these tests include the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS), the posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS), the iliac crest, the sacral sulcus, the sacral apex, and the inferior lateral angle of the sacrum (SILA).

How do you identify anterior superior iliac spine?

Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) ➢ Put your hand on the hips ➢ locate the Iliac Crest / hip bone palpate frontward ➢ ASIS is a sharp notch:, above the femur/ thigh bone when seated. ➢ Sit on your hand with palm up to feel the IT against your fingers tips.

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How should I sleep with iliac crest pain?

Low Back / Hip Symptoms on the Mattress Side – Place a small pillow or towel between the floating ribs and iliac crest to prevent a lateral shift of the lumbar spine. Low Back / Hip Symptoms on the Top Side – Place one pillow between the knees and another between the ankles.

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