Can I sue my employer for osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis can be caused by or made worse by your job. If your job requires you to do repetition, things such as constant lifting, standing, or using tools, you may have a valid Workers’ Compensation claim. You can file an Occupational Disease claim.

There are some medical conditions that can have a work-related component to them. In other words, they are only partially caused by job duties. Osteoarthritis (OA) can be that type of industrial injury.

Can you claim compensation for osteoarthritis?

If you’ve worked or are working in an occupation that caused osteoarthritis, you may be entitled file an osteoarthritis compensation claim.

Can I sue my employer for arthritis?

You may not think that an ailment as common as arthritis could be covered by workers’ compensation. But you have a right to file a claim for arthritis and other conditions if your on-the-job injury reactivates or accelerates your condition. Arthritis is a form of joint inflammation.

Is arthritis considered an occupational disease?

In short, we suggest that RA should be considered an occupational disease as a consequence of dust and fume inhalation in the workplace, as such exposures stimulate immune tolerance breakdown.

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Will osteoarthritis cripple me?

Osteoarthritis is rarely crippling, but it can have a major impact on a person’s life. Many people miss work days or skip favorite activities when the pain flares up. The condition is responsible for more than 27.5 million outpatient visits per year, according to data from the Arthritis Foundation.

Can osteoarthritis be caused by repetitive work?

Repetitive motion does not cause every type of arthritis; arthritis actually encompasses more than 100 joint diseases. The most common type of arthritis that can be caused by repetitive motion is osteoarthritis.

What benefits can I get for osteoarthritis?

If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and it has impacted your ability to work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Osteoarthritis results in the gradual loss of cartilage from your joints. A tough tissue that provides the cushioning between the bones that form the joints, it is needed.

Is osteoarthritis an industrial disease?

If your occupation has contributed to your osteoarthritis diagnosis, you may have an industrial disease claim.

Can my job fire me for having arthritis?

Under the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) and FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) laws, current or future employers cannot discriminate against an employee who lives with a medical condition or disability.

Also, one’s occupation can influence the occurrence of Spondylosis. For example, jobs that require a lot of psychical activity, such as constant and repetitive neck movements or lifting above the head can worsen the symptoms of Spondylosis.

Lumbar stenosis can hinder your ability from performing any kind of job. Because of the severe pain and mobility issues, you cannot work construction, drive heavy machinery, or work for a utility company.

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Can typing cause osteoarthritis?

Much like athletic activities, repetitive keystrokes can put you at risk for injury or aggravate existing conditions like arthritis, per Rush University Medical Center. Texting and typing may also affect less obvious joints, like your wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, and back.

Does Workmans Comp cover arthritis?

When a work-related injury aggravates or accelerates your arthritis or degenerative disc disease, you have the right to file for workers’ compensation benefits. You are entitled to benefits that can include total or partial disability payments and a cash settlement, though outcomes vary case-by-case.

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