Frequent question: Why is the spine of a book called the spine?

The phrase “spine of a book” is derived from medieval parchment made out of animal skin that would be folded along the center where the shadow of the animal’s spine was still visible.

What is the meaning of spine in the book?

The back portion of a book’s binding which is visible when a book is shelved in a bookcase; the portion which is attached at the joints to the front and rear covers.

What are the bumps on a book spine called?

The horizontal bumps on the spine, which many people think are purely decorative, are actually the cords that the book was sewn over. The spines of tightback books often split vertically as the glue becomes old and brittle, particularly if a book is left open to the same pages for a long time.

What is the top spine of a book called?

The colorful strip at the spine edge of the book block is called a headband. The upper one shown is sewn onto the book; the lower one is glued on.

What usually appears on a book spine?

The spine usually contains all, or some, of four elements (besides decoration, if any), and in the following order: (1) author, editor, or compiler; (2) title; (3) publisher; and (4) publisher logo.

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What does having a spine mean?

“Spine” is a euphemism for courage. If you did not have a spine, you could not stand up (you would be a coward). If someone says, “You lack a spine” or “grow a spine!”, they mean that you are acting cowardly.

What does back cover mean?

Filters. (of a book, magazine etc) The cover on the opposite side of the front cover; back of the book; associated with sports pages in publications. noun.

What is flyleaf of book?

a blank leaf (or leaves) inserted during the binding process between the free end paper and the beginning or end of the printed pages.

What is a binding copy?

a book lacking the original binding or with a binding in poor condition, i.e. a book in need of a new binding – can also be referred to as a reading copy. Newest.

Which way should a book spine read?

Upon further investigation, I learned that according to Wikipedia, in the US, the UK, and Scandinavia, book spine titles are generally written with the left-to-right title oriented top-to-bottom. That means you would insert the title slip into the binder spine pocket feet first.

What is the back matter of a book?

Back matter is the stuff at the end of your book, after the main sections of the book are finished. Some common items in Back matter include: Epilogue, Index, Bibliography.

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