What is the CPT code for spinal cord stimulator trial?

CPT codes 63650, 63655, and 63661-63664 describe the operative placement, revision, replacement, or removal of the spinal neurostimulator system components to provide spinal electrical stimulation. CPT codes 63650, 63661, and 63663 describe a percutaneously placed neurostimulator system.

How do you code a spinal cord stimulator trial?

Coding Guidelines

CPT codes 63650, 63661, and 63663 describe a percutaneously placed neurostimulator system. The contacts are on a catheter-like lead. An array defines the collection of contacts that are on one catheter.

What is a trial spinal cord stimulator?

A SCS Trial involves placing temporary leads into your back and connecting them to an external battery. No incisions are made during the trial. This is NOT a surgery. The leads are placed using a small needle. The leads are then attached to the external battery.

What is the difference between 63685 and 63688?

CPT® codes 63685 (insertion or replacement of spinal neurostimulator pulse generator or receiver) and 63688 (revision or removal of implanted spinal neurostimulator pulse generator or receiver) are temporarily removed from the list of services that require Medicare prior authorization when performed in a hospital …

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Can CPT code 63650 billed twice?

Answer: Yes. CPT 63650 would be reported for each lead placed, e.g., 63650 would be reported twice for two leads placed via a single puncture site.

What is a 51 modifier?

Modifier 51 Multiple Procedures indicates that multiple procedures were performed at the same session. It applies to: Different procedures performed at the same session. A single procedure performed multiple times at different sites. A single procedure performed multiple times at the same site.

How long is recovery after spinal cord stimulator surgery?

If you need to have your spinal cord stimulator removed, the spinal cord stimulator removal recovery time is generally brief. It should take between two to four weeks for complete healing, but as with all medical procedures this varies from patient to patient.

Why can’t you drive with a spinal cord stimulator?

Your doctor will provide you with a medical ID card that authorizes and explains the device. Additionally, driving is not recommended when your spinal cord stimulator is powered on. Although the electrical impulses are not painful, they can be distracting when driving.

What are the side effects of a spinal cord stimulator?


May include: undesirable change in stimulation (uncomfortable, jolting or shocking); hematoma, epidural hemorrhage, paralysis, seroma, infection, erosion, device malfunction or migration, pain at implant site, loss of pain relief, and other surgical risks.

Can 63650 and 63685 be billed together?

You can’t be both… unless your office employs both.

What is included in CPT code 63685?

CPT code 63685 would be reported in addition to CPT code 63650, for the insertion or replacement of the pulse generator or receiver. CPT code 63685 includes the creation of a subcutaneous pocket made to house the stimulator and tunneling of the electrodes to the pocket.

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What is procedure code 95972?

CPT® 95972 in section: Electronic analysis of implanted neurostimulator pulse generator/transmitter (eg, contact group[s], interleaving, amplitude, pulse width, frequency [Hz], on/off cycling, burst, magnet mode, dose lockout, patient … more.

How many times can you bill 63650?

63650 – Two temporary spinal cord stimulator trials per anatomic spinal region (two per DOS) or (four units) per patient per lifetime (with exceptions allowed for technical limitations for the initial trials or for use of different modalities of stimulation, including new technology), in place of service office, ASC, …

What is procedure code L8680?

HCPCS code L8680 is defined as “Implantable neurostimulator electrode, each.” The requestor billed for 16 units of code L8680. Based upon the submitted medical bill the services were rendered in place of service code “11-Office.”

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