Which ligament attaches at the anterior superior iliac spine ASIS and the pubic tubercle?

Attachments Anterior superior iliac spine, public tubercle
Extensions Lacunar ligament, pectineal ligament
Function Attach external oblique muscle to the pelvis, protect structure passing between the pelvis and thigh/external genitalia, forms boundary of femoral triangle and inguinal canal

What ligament attaches to pubic tubercle?

At the medial end, the inguinal ligament fans out when attaching to the pubic tubercle which is called the lacunar ligament or Gimbernat ligament.

What ligament attaches to the anterior superior iliac spine?

Attachments include the inguinal ligament, sartorius muscle and depending on which resource you read, the tensor fasciae latae. Clinically, as an easily identifiable landmark, it aids in the localization of the inguinal ligament, common femoral artery and the base of the appendix (McBurney’s point).

How do I know if I have pubic tubercle clinically?

Approaching the midline, the pubic tubercles are felt as prominences at the lateral edges of the pubic crest. The pubic tubercles lie at the same horizontal level as the greater trochanters.

pubic tubercle

  1. anterior superior iliac spines.
  2. greater trochanter.
  3. inguinal ligament.

How do you identify anterior superior iliac spine?

Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) ➢ Put your hand on the hips ➢ locate the Iliac Crest / hip bone palpate frontward ➢ ASIS is a sharp notch:, above the femur/ thigh bone when seated. ➢ Sit on your hand with palm up to feel the IT against your fingers tips.

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What does the iliac tuberosity do?

Iliac tuberosity – Tuberositas iliaca

The iliac surface that forms the craniolateral part and gives insertion to pelvic muscles. The auricular surface that articulates with sacrum, and contends a rough tuberosity (iliac tuberosity) for attachment of sacroiliac ligaments.

What is Asis Apophysitis?

Repeated movement and stress to the muscles attached to the bone can inflame and irritate the muscles. This can cause inflammation at the point where the tendon (soft tissue) attaches to the bone. It can cause pain, swelling and tenderness in the hip area, resulting in an injury known as hip apophysitis.

What muscles attach at ASIS?

The ASIS is the attachment of the sartorius, a thigh muscle that is important in bending the hip and knee. Avulsion fracture of the ASIS is caused by a powerful con- traction of the sartorius muscle, such as with jumping and running sports, with force exceeding the strength of the growth plate.

What muscles attach to the anterior iliac crest?

Many important abdominal and core muscles are attached to the iliac crest, including the hip flexors, the internal and external abdominal oblique muscles, the erector spinae muscles, the latissimus dorsi, the transversus abdominis, and the tensor fasciae latae.

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