You asked: Is vertebrae another word for spine?

spinal column spine
vertebral column dorsum
foundation support
bone ridge
basis bedrock

What is another name of vertebrae?

The vertebral column, also known as the backbone or spine, is part of the axial skeleton.

What is the word for spine?

Synonyms for spine

Synonyms. backbone, chine, spinal column, vertebral column Visit the Thesaurus for More.

How many vertebrae are there?

The average person is born with 33 individual bones (the vertebrae) that interact and connect with each other through flexible joints called facets. By the time a person becomes an adult most have only 24 vertebrae because some vertebrae at the bottom end of the spine fuse together during normal growth and development.

What is L7 in the spine?

The seventh lumbar vertebra (L7) or its caudal articular processes are considered the most frequent sites of fractures, with fracture occurring more commonly than dislocation (Flatt et al., 1974).

What are the vertebrae of the spine?

Vertebrae are the 33 individual bones that interlock with each other to form the spinal column. The vertebrae are numbered and divided into regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx (Fig. 2). Only the top 24 bones are moveable; the vertebrae of the sacrum and coccyx are fused.

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Which part of the spine is responsible for linking the vertebrae together?

The facet joints link the vertebrae together and give them the flexibility to move against each other. Each vertebra has a hole in the center, so when they stack on top of each other they form a hollow tube that holds and protects the entire spinal cord and its nerve roots.

What is spine example?

Spine: 1) The column of bone known as the vertebral column, which surrounds and protects the spinal cord. The spine can be categorized according to level of the body: i.e., cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (upper and middle back), and lumbar spine (lower back). See also vertebral column.

What are the 5 areas of the spine?

The spine is composed of 33 bones, called vertebrae, divided into five sections: the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine sections, and the sacrum and coccyx bones. The cervical section of the spine is made up of the top seven vertebrae in the spine, C1 to C7, and is connected to the base of the skull.

What is the typical vertebra?

A typical vertebra is made up of an anterior vertebral body and a posterior vertebral arch: Vertebral body: The vertebral body is fairly large, especially in a lumbar vertebra (in other words, a vertebra found in the lower back). The vertebral bodies support the weight of your body.

What absorbs shock in the spine?

The intervertebral discs are soft structures which act as shock absorbers between each of the vertebrae (bones) in the spine. A single disc sits between each vertebra.

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