You asked: What does a loose spine mean?

Segmental instability refers to hypermobility or greater than normal range of motion between two vertebral motion segments. This condition often develops when a particular disc or facet joint degenerates to the point that it can no longer support the weight of the body through that segment of the spine.

What does it mean to have a loose spine?

Spondylolisthesis is a spinal condition that causes lower back pain. It occurs when one of your vertebrae, the bones of your spine, slips out of place onto the vertebra below it. Most of the time, nonsurgical treatment can relieve your symptoms.

Can spinal instability Be Fixed?

Surgical Options

Mild to moderate spinal instability usually requires surgery, especially if nerve compression and nerve damage is involved. One surgical option is to remove the degenerated disc and replace it with an artificial disc.

What causes a shifted spine?

Lateral spine shift may be caused by acute pain in the low back, disc protrusion or disc herniation. Spine shift can be detected visually by a person who is trained to assess this condition. When the condition is severe, the person may lean to either side, which may be obvious even to the untrained eye.

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How do I know if my spine is unstable?

What are the symptoms of spinal instability?

  1. Burning pain and/or spasms in the back or buttocks.
  2. Leg weakness.
  3. Pain, numbness, or tingling in the legs.
  4. Back and/or leg pain that is worse with activity and improves or is eliminated with rest.

What happens if spondylolisthesis is left untreated?

Medical intervention is crucial for relieving symptoms of spondylolisthesis. This condition can cause chronic pain and permanent damage if left untreated. You may eventually experience weakness and leg paralysis if nerves have been damaged. Infection of the spine may also occur in rare cases.

What is the treatment for an unstable spine?

This may involve physical therapy for core muscle strengthening, use of NSAIDs or pain medications, and probable activity modification. If instability creates severe pain or leads to arm or leg pain, spinal injections may also be considered to help decrease the discomfort.

Is lumbar instability serious?

Lumbar instability is an important cause of low back pain and can be associated with substantial disability. Back pain is the largest cause of disability-adjusted living years based on the WHO survey of the global burden of disease.

How long does it take to realign your spine?

Normally, when you get manual manipulation of the spine to correct any of the issues you may be suffering from, this initial process takes adults about 2-3 weeks with two spinal corrections throughout the week.

Can spine go out of alignment?

Your spine may be out of line from just one of your vertebrae being pulled out of its place. This is called a spinal subluxation. An injury is often the reason for your vertebrae to be pulled out of line, but stress, inactivity, obesity, and poor posture are also reasons your spine may have alignment issues.

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Can a slipped vertebrae get worse?

In this condition, the lower vertebrae start to slip. One of the vertebrae may slip so far that it actually impacts the other bones in the area. This can lead to severe pain and discomfort which might get worse over time.

Can a slipped vertebrae heal on its own?

Usually a herniated disc will heal on its own over time. Be patient, and keep following your treatment plan. If your symptoms don’t get better in a few months, you may want to talk to your doctor about surgery.

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